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Welcome to the Sunset City Heroes

This is the wiki for the Sunset City Heroes ttrpg living community. A living community is a space for GMs and players to participate in games that take place within a shared setting. Player characters who have never been in a game together might have heard about each other’s exploits and the events of one game may potentially have consequences in others if other GMs feel like pulling those story threads.

This living community focuses on superheroes, villains, and other comic book style stories - taking particularly shameless inspiration from My Hero Academia and One Punch Man. Games are scheduled and played on discord, using Roll20 for dice rolls. A microphone will be required for most games. We use a minor variation of the Fate Accelerated rules, which can be found here.

The majority of what happens in the community occurs in our discord server, which you can find an invite to here:

Getting Started

Before you begin playing, it's important that you read the rules and gain a cursory familiarity with the setting.

GM Resources

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